Friday, January 1, 2016


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(for me,)
Its a year of an ocean. 

It has life.
It sets you free.
It shows wildness beauty.
It connects the world.
It fascinates you.
It sounds like a lullaby.
It makes you fall in love.

An ocean, I want to be.

Here are my resolutions in this new year. Hoping I could be like an ocean.
I write it here just in case I forget how am I supposed to spend my next 365 days*. 

Stop filling your free time with movies or series. Fill your time by reading books or writing instead. Read more, write more.

Stop dreaming on launching a novel. Start to write one.

Stop talking about taking your dream trip to the city you’ve been lusting after for years. Start saving and figuring out how you’re going to make the trip happen. Go to places in Indonesia you never been before.

Stop making excuses for not exercising or not making time to take care of your body. Start exercising, go for a run, dance ‘til you sweat, do sets of sit up and plank.

Fall in love with the simple things that happens to you.

Stop complaining that you never meet anyone new. Start putting yourself out there by participating in an activity that involves meeting new people at least once a week.

Stop resting on your laurels. Start working like you want your boss’s job.

Stop thirsting after someone else’s life on social media. Be confident. You are you. And you are beautiful.

Start to live in the moment. Don’t get too focused on social media.

Don’t do things half-heartedly. Be 100%.

Be kind. Smile.

Finish what you started. #AWC

Get your Sidang UP done.

Stop dreaming on going to international conferences. Go sign for it. Grab the opportunities ahead of you.

Ask your family’s doing everday.

Be in shape. 50kgs.

Get your license.

Be in love, be loved.

Surround yourself with positive vibes.

Master your English. Start learning another language.

Figure out where you are going to continue your master program and how.

Do not procrastinate things. No matter how small it is.

Eat breakfast, veggies and fruits. No carbs for dinner.

Gain your confidence in public speaking.

Be more critical.

Love yourself more.

Love what you do.

Show your family and friends that you love them.

Be grateful every day.

Find happiness in your every day life.

*Some of the resolutions are quoted and inspired from

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